The Company

The Company



Passion, willingness to innovate, integrity and technical preparation.

45 years of growth and continuous improvement in the manufacturing of products for the automotive industry with different technologies: from sand casting, to gravity casting and actual die casting.

A natural evolution for those who are always looking to innovate and participate in the creation of excellence with their client.

Not only an aluminium die casting foundry but also a global consultant: from project conception to the industrialization phase, Tecopress presents itself as a problem solver and manager for the entire project up to the delivery of the finished component.

It makes use of qualified partners for managing machining, heat treatments and pre-assembly according to the clients’ specifications or to Tier 2 standards for the automotive industry.

The major focus is the production of aluminium die casting cylinder heads, crankcases, bed plates, steering housings, gearboxes, engine blocks and housing battery chargers for diesel, petrol and Hybrid engines, which require high mechanical and structural strength, for the world’s largest groups, such as Audi, FCA, BRP, DUCATI, BOSCH, BMW, and VOLKSWAGEN.