the future

The future


Being competitive in the dynamic market of light alloy products.
This is the intent of our company and we are pursuing it with the same passion and experience that have always characterized us.
We have the knowledge and the willingness to turn a tragedy like an earthquake into an immense business opportunity.

We have redesigned our process and equipped every stage with technologically advanced and versatile systems in compliance with ISO/TS and IATF Quality Certifications. This is our future and we are happy to share it with the clients who have placed their trust in us and with those who want to challenge us.

These are the statistics for our near future.

  • 28.000 m2 of which 14,000 are new constructions
  • 17 die casting machines of which 10 with cutting-edge technology being installed (High Vacuum, TTV, DMC)
  • 4 melting furnaces which will allow us to manage up to 4 different types of Aluminium Alloys
  • 3 tomography systems which will be incorporated in the new quality laboratory
  • 173 employees who each day bring added value in their every action