Production Process

Production Process

1  800 ton 
2 1000 ton
1 1200 ton
4 1400 ton
2 1600 ton
4 1700 ton
1 2000 ton
1 2500 ton
1 2700 ton

In our HPDC dept there are 17 fully automatized diecasting machines.


Every machine is equipped with electronic control boards, thermal cameras and process parameters programming boards which ensure optimisation and the reproducibility of production runs.

Our Aluminium foundry houses 17 Die casting machines which are equipped with holding furnace, shearing press, automated alloy loading systems, robots for the ejection of the piece, squeezers management, automatic head lubrication or robot spray, cooling station and high vacuum installation for structural aluminium die casting.

Our main area of expertise is the production of high performance die casting parts in the automotive industry such as:
Aluminium die casting Engine blocks (1, 2, 3 and 4 cylinders with iron sleeves or ready for PLASMA coating), Bed plates, Oil pans, Gearboxes, Crankcases, Engine Covers, Steering housings, Carriers and Battery Chargers for Hybrid engines.