Work with Us

TECOPRESS’s success: the quality of its People.

One of the main objectives of our company is to allow Employees to work in an exciting environment, that generates a sense of belonging and helps develop the talents and professional skills of each individual by ensuring a constant dialogue full of trust.

The company philosophy is based on the principles of transparency, excellence, equity and respect for the People who work with us.

TECOPRESS offers its Employees a work environment focused on professionalism and dignity, a context where you can work with the most important companies in the world in consolidated partnerships, with constant professional growth.

TECOPRESS asks its Employees to have a serious and responsible attitude, to be open to constructive confrontation and dialogue with all those who work in the different business areas and to understand that, as theorized by John Nash, “the best for the group comes when everyone in the group does what’s best for himself and the group.”


Autorizzo TECOPRESS S.p.A. con sede in Via Statale 292/294 - Dosso – 44047 Terre del Reno (FE) a trattare i dati personali conferiti per le finalità specificate nell'informativa secondo le modalità ivi indicate